5 Tips for Learning Unfamiliar Roads While Travelling

Hiring a rental car from Bayswater gives you the freedom to explore this wide brown land at your own pace. However, with that liberty comes the hassle of navigating unfamiliar roads. Don't let the stress get to you. Follow this advice to breathe a little easier on your Aussie adventure.

Research the Local Area

The Internet puts a wealth of information at your fingertips. Spend time before your trip researching the areas you'll drive through and their road rules.

Sydney's bus lanes can surprise people from regional New South Wales, while many foreigners are unsure how to navigate the roundabouts prevalent in the state's suburbs and small towns. City slickers may also be shocked to find kangaroos, cows, camels, and horses in the middle of rural Western Australian roads. Would you know what to do when cattle block your path?

Knowledge is power. Get some under your belt early, and you'll feel more confident facing any local traffic quirks.

Pay Attention to Landmarks

The area map your hotel provided isn't just for walking tours. Studying it before you get behind the wheel can help you feel more confident on the roads. Plot a course to your destination in your mind, taking note of the key turns and any prominent landmarks that you'll pass. This technique will not only make it easier to reach your destination, but will also help you identify when you're lost sooner, so you can ask for directions before you veer too far off course. If you have a travel companion with you, get them to follow along with the map as you drive.

Take it Easy

Slowing your speed on unfamiliar roads will give you more time to identify intersections and respond to ever-changing road conditions. While it's important to keep up with the flow of traffic, no one will mind you travelling at a little less than the recommended speed limit if you stick to the left-hand lane.

Don't Travel During Peak Times

Australian roads are busiest between eight and nine in the morning as locals head to school and work, and again between two and six in the afternoon as they travel home and to social gatherings. Unfamiliar roads become more stressful as traffic piles up.

You may also find it much more difficult to change lanes when the roads are congested. Travel outside the peak periods if possible to settle your nerves.

Drive With a GPS

The roads might be unfamiliar to you, but a GPS will know exactly where it's going. The unit's soothing voice calmly informing you of your next turn can often help settle nerves and build confidence. Australian GPS systems are typically loaded with any maps you'll need to navigate the country's cities, regional hubs, and rural areas. Alternatively, Bayswater Car Rental offers GPS units for hire with a 10-day charge maximum to keep costs affordable.

Unfamiliar roads are no cause for alarm. With this top advice, you can handle any stretch of road with ease, and focus on enjoying your holiday.

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