Do you offer rental cars for an accident replacement vehicle?

Organising a replacement vehicle after experiencing a car accident doesn’t have to be stressful. With No Birds, we extend our car rental services to those who need a replacement vehicle while working through their accident claim with their insurance company. Whether you are not at-fault or at-fault, we will provide an accident replacement vehicle for you at some of the cheapest car hire rates in Sydney and Perth.

Accident Car Hire FAQs

Why choose No Birds for an accident replacement vehicle?

Car accidents can usually leave your car out of action for weeks. Our 7-day+ rates with zero damage excess are the cheapest in the market, giving you peace of mind when you need it most.

Do you offer rental cars to anyone or your customers only?

Clients need to book with us directly to rent a car. This keeps our costs down and eliminates commissions and the need for middlemen.

Does insurance cover the cost of a hire car?

Insurance will often cover the cost of a car rental after an accident, but not always. If you are at-fault, your car insurance may cover a rental car depending on your policy. If you are not at-fault, you can generally claim your car rental costs from the at-fault party.

However, it is best to be mindful when claiming car hire costs that the at-fault party may:

  • Dispute fault
  • Not have insurance
  • Dispute the car rental cost as being reasonable
  • There is normally a 3-7 day lag between incurring a Toll and the Charge.

It's best to keep the car rental costs low to improve your chances of recovery and to minimise your out-of-pocket if recovery fails.

Does the insurance company organise the car rental?

Not with us. You will need to book your hire car directly through us. Insurance companies will organise and recommend their preferred car rental supplier. However, you can use any care rental company - subject to reasonable cost. We do not currently have car rental arrangements with any insurance company.

Credit Hire companies, such as Acorn, generally charge up to 5 times our daily charges, but will handle the recovery process.

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