Car Care Tip - Leather cleaning

There is nothing worse than have a beautifully clean car, but the leather seats are old and dirty. Well not any more! Cleaning your leather is really easy...

Before starting you want to make sure you are in a cool dry place so the leather isn't too hot.

Step 1: Vacuum - make sure you vacuum all of the dirt and grit from the leather before you clean it.

Step 2: Shampoo - Apply your leather shampoo to the area you are cleaning and lather it with a soft cloth or bristled leather brush. Make sure you get it into all of the creases. After this, wipe off the shampoo with a soft microfibre cloth (make sure you wipe the surface until it is dry). This will remove all of the dirt with it.

Step 3: Conditioner - After you wash the leather it is important to condition it to replace all the natural oils and moisture that is lost in the cleaning process as well as through general wear and tear. Start by using a soft foam applicator to massage the conditioner into all areas of the leather. Leave conditioner for aro

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