Toll roads in Australia

If you drive around the cities of Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, you'll probably use some toll roads on your trip.

Tolls are paid automatically so you can keep driving without having to stop. And you avoid the administration headaches and penalty charges levied for not paying tolls.

Each time that you use a Toll Road:

  • You are charged the Tolling Charges, plus a $1 admin fee (for each Toll).
  • We charge your Credit/Debit card separately to your Rental Charges.
  • We email you a Tax Invoice with your Tolling details.
  • There is normally a 3-7 day lag between incurring a Toll and the Charge.

Don't use toll roads?

If you don't use toll roads, you are not charged anything.

Got your own Etag?

You may use your own Etag at anytime.

If your own Etag does not pay for the Toll (for any reason), you will be charged as above.

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