Pay less if the rental car is damaged with Bayswater

No matter how careful you are, sometimes you just can’t prevent accidents. The damage excess is what you pay if the hire car is damaged.

Bayswater has the best value damage cover in Australia by a country mile – it could save you thousands.

Real examples of accidents

Our standard damage excess cover for damage to the rental car is $4,000.

Fortunately with Bayswater, you don't have to pay through the nose for someone else's carelessness. If you select Damage Wavier these accidents would cost you $0.

That's right, with our Damage Waiver you pay nothing in the event of an accident if you comply with Rental Conditions.

Our customer changed lanes and hit a car in the blind spot. Charged $0 with Damage Waiver. With just about any other car hire company, this accident would have cost all of their normal damage charge of $4,000.

Our customer hit a low wall while parking. Charged $0 with Damage Waiver.

This customer reversed into a post while parking. Charged $0 with Damage Waiver.

OOPS. This customer accidently pushed the accelerator instead of the brake pedal. We liked the red tape, but decided to go with a conventional repair. $0 with Damage Waiver.

The customer changed lanes and was struck by a car she failed to see in the other lane. Charged $0 with Damage Waiver.

You may be a very safe driver and not expect something like this to happen to you.

These customers probably felt the same way. But weren’t they happy their little surprise cost them so little in the end? If you've already been to other car rental company sites, find out how much you will need to pay if the hire car is damaged.

Low excess & optional damage waiver

Bayswater has a low damage excess for new cars at only $4,000. Other companies charge from $20 to $30 a day extra for the same level of excess reduction you automatically get with Bayswater.

For extra peace of mind, our reduced damage excess (Damage Waiver) removes your liability completely — you pay $0 in the event of an accident.

See the cost comparison tables on our Sydney and Perth Car Hire pages.

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