Fun for the Family: 5 of Australia's Best Attractions for Adults and Kids

Australia offers activities for visitors of all ages, making it easy to satisfy grandpa, little brother, and everyone in between. From fun in the sun to up close and personal glimpses of the wildlife on the continent, Australia is a destination that can appease the entire family. Here are five family friendly adventures to add to your holiday list of things to do.

1. Jervis Bay


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For outdoor enthusiasts, Jervis Bay is the place to stay and play. Its nearby campgrounds allow you and your family to immerse yourselves in nature while camping. The area hotels are available for those who don't wish to sleep in the great outdoors. Ducks, kangaroos, lorikeets, possums, and bandicoots are but a few of the animals you have a chance to encounter while camping out or touring the area. The pristine beach is also known for its rock pools populated with sea life and calm waters for swimming. From Winter to Spring, it’s also a great spot to watch whales, dolphins, seals, and if you’re lucky, a penguin!

2. Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is home to 65 beaches, which means there are plenty of opportunities to play in the sand for visitors of all ages. The island is also a haven for wildlife, so it's possible to see wildlife in its natural habitat. The island is home to the Wadjemup Lighthouse, which is one of the sites you can visit along the Wadjemup Walk Trail. The trail is 9.2 km long and offers breath-taking views of the water and glimpses into history with the Coastal Defence systems installed during WWII.

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3.Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island promises unique experiences for children and adults – accessible via ferry or a 30-minute flight from Adelaide airport. The island is home to native bushland and the native animals that inhabit it. A specially built boardwalk provides an overlook for the sea lions carousing on the beach. The island has its own food and wine trail, where the entire family can take a journey for meals. Enjoy the island's vineyards and attend a wine tasting of the 18 home-grown labels.

4. Sovereign Hill

Take a step back in time and out of the hustle and bustle of the big city when you step into Sovereign Hill. Sovereign Hill is an outdoor "gold" museum offering a glimpse into the city of Ballarat, which developed after the discovery of gold from 1851 to 1861. Ladies and gents wander the town streets dressed in full period costume, including Main Street. Children and adults can even pan for gold in the town where Australian history comes to life and jumps off the pages of the history books.

5. Urban Jungle Park

Urban Jungle Park promises an adrenaline-filled adventure for families visiting Sydney. The high-rope park and swimming centre offers land and water adventures for holidaymakers of all ages. With over 50 aerial activities to choose from, each member of the family is sure to find an activity that fits their skill level and turns up the fun metre.

Australia possesses so many hidden gems that it's an ideal vacation destination for the entire family. From the youngest member to the oldest member of the family, you're sure to find activities and adventures to fill your days and nights. 



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