Water Warriors: 5 Popular Surf Spots in Australia

Surfing is a truly national sport, with one in ten Aussies adept at riding the waves. Whether you're an experienced board rider or a novice keen to enjoy the rush, these Aussie surf beaches are worth checking out when you cruise around in your Bayswater rental.

1. Angourie to Byron Bay, New South Wales


Surfer wiping out at Byron Bay. Image credit: Sander van Dijk via Flickr.

The dreadlocked hippies driving Kombis will let you know that you're near the amazing surf breaks from Angourie to Byron Bay on the New South Wales' north coast. They were neighbourhood secrets in the '70s, but they hit the mainstream when local surfer Nat Young hit the world stage. Lennox Head is generally regarded as Australia's best wave, but you won't be disappointed by the breaks at Tallow Beach, Main Beach, or Watego's.

2. Bells Beach, Victoria

When outlaw Bodhi surfed his last wave in Point Break, he made sure it was at Bells Beach, Victoria. This iconic beach, five kilometres from Torquay and 86 kilometres from Melbourne, is home to the Rip Curl Pro Surf and Music Festival, the longest-running surfing competition on the planet. Surfers have been catching waves here since 1939, but the large swell that comes from the Southern Ocean isn't for new surfers. The clean right hand breaks are in peak condition during Autumn and Winter.

3. Noosa, Queensland

Noosa is one of Australia's prettiest surf spots, and it's also a place which caters to surfers of all abilities. Sunshine Beach, Alexandria Bay, Granite Bay, Tea Tree, and Boiling Pot are popular with veteran long boarders who love riding its big 200 metre rides, but the local swell isn't always this fierce. When the waves are much smaller, the nippers and new surfers come out to play. Admittedly the waves aren't that much better than others you'll find along Queensland's coastline, but the lack of coastal skyscrapers gives the beaches in this area a lot more atmosphere.

4. Snapper Rocks, Queensland

When Aussie surfing royalty like Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, and Stephanie Gilmore call a beach their local, you know it's going to be good. These Aussie legends aren't the only ones who rave about the waves at Snapper Rocks. Many surfing experts believe its Super Bank is the longest, most consistent, and most hollow wave on the planet.

The six to eight feet swell will scare anyone unsteady on a board, but if you know how to ride you can take a clean wave almost two kilometres from Snapper to Kirra. Snapper Rocks is home to a host of world class surfing events, including the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro, Rip Curl Masters, and MP Classic.

5. Ocean Beach, Western Australia

If all those big waves are making you nervous, then you'll want to head west to Ocean Beach in Denmark. To reach this destination, you might want to consider car rentals in Perth. The long, rolling waves are ideal for learning the basics of the board. If you've never surfed before, a local surf school offers affordable lessons to help you master your technique.

While the waves aren't intimidating, Ocean Beach was named one of the state's 10 best surfing spots by Tourism Western Australia.

With Bayswater Car Rental, seeing Australia's favourite surf spots is only a memorable road trip away.

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