Top 7 Tours to Try in Sydney

When you're visiting Sydney, there are so many events and activities to enjoy, you may have to pick and choose between the exhilarating options. Whether you're interested in touring the gorgeous city or heading out into the surrounding areas, make sure to rent a car and try out a few of the great tours Sydney has to offer.

1. Adventure Tours

Image via Flickr by Kyle Taylor

Are you looking for an adventure? When you need something to get your heart pumping and adrenaline rushing, there is nothing like an adventure tour around the Sydney area. There are several options to choose from, including tours that will have you soaring high in the air, while others will keep you venturing on the ground or exploring at sea.

Why not take a 29-minute helicopter tour of the harbour with Bondi Helicopters tour with up to three of your closest friends? If you're looking for something new and fun to do, check out the EcoTreasures Stand Up Paddle Board Safari. This is an hour-long tour that will give you an active, unique experience in the Sydney area. If that is a little too tame, you can check out the Oz Jet Boating experience for a wilder ride through the harbour.

2. Beach Tours

For those who simply want to check out the beautiful beaches of the area, there are several fabulous options. For example, you can do a 10-day Sydney, Reef, and Rainforest tour through AAT Kings Tours. This tour will take you through the East Coast of Australia. In addition to the beaches, there are several other attraction points you'll be able to visit while on this tour.

The Best Beaches Tour, offered by Bailey's Sydney, is touted as "tours for people who don't like tours," because they are great for all ages. You can check out surf beaches, harbour beaches, secret beaches, and more.

3. Food and Wine Tours

Try the local wines and new and interesting food through some of the several food and wine tours available in Sydney. If you're interested in history, check out the 1920s Cocktail Tour through Ketel One Bar Tours. It will take you through a number of old-style bars, and you'll get both cocktails and food throughout the evening. Another option is the 3-day Sydney Foodie's Delight Tour through AAT Kings Tours. Here you'll get to try various food and wine, take a cooking class, and even go on an evening dinner cruise. No matter what your taste buds are hoping for, you'll have something great to try.

While you’ve got your palate ready, don’t miss out on some of the great cooking classes available in Sydney, including Brasserie Bread's Artisan bread baking class. You can do this through a tour, or hop in your rental car and take the class outside of the tour.

4. Cultural Tours

Are you interested in the life and culture of the people of Sydney and the surrounding areas? There are cultural tours you can take that will intrigue and entrance you and your family. Some options, such as the Sydney and the Blue Mountains Tour offered by AAT Kings, allows you to see many richly cultured places such as the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

In addition, there are a number of aboriginal tours. Blue Mountains Tours offers an Aboriginal Day Tour – The Catherine Walk. This allows you to get in touch with the cultural roots of the area. You can delve into the history and learn more about the people and places that make Australians who they are. There are several different Aboriginal Heritage tours you can take in Sydney and the surrounding towns. If you're interested in the archaeology of the area, Boronai Tours offers an Archaeology Walk through Bidjigal Reserve.

5. Water Based Tours

Image via Flickr by Bruce Tuten

It's not surprising to many that there are several different types of water based tours around Sydney. If you're interested in both water and ghost tours, check out the Quarantine Station Ghost Tour for a unique spin on both.

Do you love tall ships? Sydney Tall Ships offers daily Tall Ship Discovery cruises aboard an 1850s-style ship. You can even get your afternoon tea, lunch, or dinner on a local cruise. If you're interested in seeing the majestic whales of the area, there are several whale watching tours you can take – ranging from an hour cruise to half day cruises.

6. Driving Tours

If you love exploring on your own, there are several great tour options for more independent adventurers. Umfulana's Australia Tours helps you put together an itinerary for your perfect tour. With these tours, you can take the time to explore the cities and areas you drive to, at your leisure. Some of the driving tours you can select from include meals and lodging in a number of cities through the area. However, because you're driving yourself, you can choose to skip the areas you're not interested in, and spend more time in the places you love.

When considering a driving tour with your Bayswater Rental car, be sure to brush up on the traffic laws in the area so you and your travel group stay safe and out of trouble. 

7. Self-Guided Walking Tours

As you're touring Sydney, you may find that you'd like to take a self-guided tour. With the freedom of your rented car, you can take as many walking tours around the city that you can fit into one day. The Sydney Observatory offers a self-guided tour, and you can get the app for the tour on your phone.

You can find maps for self-guided tours through the City of Sydney Visitor Information, such as the Skirting Sydney tour which walks you through the history of women in the area. 

When you're trying to find something interesting to do in Sydney, don't pass up the many tour opportunities this gorgeous city has to offer. Find a tour that interests you. When you're out and about, you're sure to find interesting things to see and do.

So, get in your rented car, check out what tours Sydney has to offer, and make memories that last a lifetime.