Diving Down Under: 5 Australian Beaches You Can't Pass Up

With over 11,001 beaches, you can be sure that Australia possesses the most beautiful beaches in the world. Most of our beaches are deserted, but the ones populated by tourists and residents are touted as beautiful, clean and generally pollution-free. Best of all, they’re only a short drive away from the CBD in Perth and Sydney, making it highly accessible by our rentals.

Bondi Beach

Image credit: Michael Hooper

Bondi Beach in Sydney is a must-see because it is one of the most iconic Australian beaches in the country. Bondi Beach has rich historical origins, including the protests on swimwear that turned the bikini into acceptable beach attire. It's also the home of the first Surf Life Saving Club. Beyond its rich history, the atmosphere surrounding the beach also makes it famous. Numerous cafes and restaurants surround the beach, and with so many visitors, the beach is a great place for people watching.

Agnes Water

Image credit: Elia Scudiero

Agnes Water is a beach known for its surfing waves, so it is highly populated by the surf community. Its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef also makes it a popular beach for divers. Beyond spending lazy days lying in the sand, there is plenty to do at the beach and in the nearby town. You can go four-wheeling in the surrounding national parks or check out the estuary. Three tours to the Great Barrier Reef leave from Agnes Water daily.

Manly Beach

Image credit: Nigel Howe

Known for its golden sand, Manly Beach in Sydney stretches for a mile. One of its unique qualities is its lagoon, which is completely surrounded by land and empties into the ocean. Something else visitors and residents enjoy about the beach is how serene it is compared to other beaches in the area—probably because it is primarily used by the locals. Manly Beach is located in a wealthier area, and many visitors mention how clean the beach is.

Cottesloe Beach

Image credit: Michael Spencer

Cottesloe is one of the most popular beaches in Perth, and it's only a short trip from area hotels and golfing when you use your rental car. Some of the beach activities you can enjoy include snorkeling, fishing, swimming, surfing, or lying in the sand. What makes Cottesloe Beach alluring is its historic architecture that surrounds the beach. Here you'll find many 19th and 20th century homes to explore. Tree lovers can catch glimpses of the 70-year-old Norfolk Pine trees that line the streets surrounding the beach. With high parking fees at most of the beaches, Cottesloe boasts free parking at the Napier Street carport.

Palm Beach

Image credit: MD11

Palm Beach is one of Sydney's most famous beaches. It is the home of the TV series "Home and Away." Numerous famous people, including movie stars, writers, and other Australian identities, own homes in the area. Beyond its beauty, the beach is known for its tranquil state. The beach has a lighthouse, which is an iconic point of interest. It is plentiful with waterways for swimming and fishing and features stunning views.

Australia boasts the most stretches of beach of any country in the world. While Australia is the smallest of the continents, it is plentiful with beaches, and each beach has its own unique qualities.