Celebrating Steve Jobs


Visitors heading to Sydney will have one more must-do to add to their bucket list, along with Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and Bondi Beach. From August 29th, movie theatres are featuring the eagerly anticipated film "Jobs". Fans of actor/superstar Ashton Kutcher and those wanting to know more about the man behind the legend, the late Steve Jobs, will not want to miss this most talked-about movie.

As a tribute to the legendary Apple co-founder and visionary, here are a few things you probably didn’t know about Steve Jobs, his driving and his cars before you settle down with your popcorn to enjoy this biopic of Jobs' career, from his hippie college days to the iPod launch in 2001.

Driving the Best!

Steve Jobs had great taste when it came to cars. Like many other successful businessmen, he drove a silver Mercedes SL55 AMG. What was different was that he drove it without licence plates. Some say it was because he didn’t care about paying fines; others believe he was tired of having his plates stolen. However, a source at Apple revealed that Jobs had found a loophole in the law that allowed him to lease a car for up to six months, then trade it for a new model before the legal deadline came to register it.

Jobs' Driving Vision

There's no doubt, as a business leader Steve Jobs had a driving vision, if you'll excuse the pun, but he matched it with a fierce passion to see things happen. He believed in his products: the early Mac, the iPod, iPhone and the iPad, which have since become household names. What's more, as a leader, he inspired his colleagues and subordinates to push to the limit and be the best.

Joy Riding with Steve Jobs

Friends who knew Steve Jobs well recall that he loved to drive, and he drove fast! Stephen Stapleton recalls a time when he needed a lift urgently to get Steve Wozniak's signature on a contract pronto. Steve Jobs immediately offered to drive him and the ride was memorable. Neither man uttered a word; apparently Jobs drove like a madman with a manic concentration and they were there in a flash!

How you can be a part of this new Movie 

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