Walkabout in Their Shoes: Exploring Aboriginal Culture in the Outback

Long before Native Americans hunted buffalo and Pygmy people learned to thrive in the rainforests of the Congo, Australian Aboriginals conquered the harsh conditions of Australia. With a history dating back more than 75,000 years, Australian Aboriginals are regarded as the world's oldest surviving group of people. Many descendants of these original Aussies now call Western Australia home. Some have migrated to the cities, while others enjoy a traditional way of life in the state's Outback. Learn... [More]

International Tipping Etiquette: Are You Doing It Right?

Americans happily tip between 15 and 20 percent when they eat at a restaurant, take a taxi, or receive other services. However, when you travel outside the United States, you'll soon see tipping is done a little differently in other parts of the world. Read on to discover the international tipping etiquette for some of the world's most popular tourist hotspots. Australia: Tipping Appreciated but Not Expected Unlike their underpaid peers in the United States, Australian waiters earn at least th... [More]

Fore, Mate! 4 Sydney Golf Courses You Can't Miss

Sydney is the home of the Australian Open, but you needn't be the next Adam Scott or Robert Allenby to take advantage of the city's top golf courses. These great greens are ideal for keen golfers and newcomers to the game alike. The Australian Golf Club: Where the Pros Play Dating back to 1882, the Australian Golf Club in the Sydney inner-city suburb of Rosebery is thought to be the oldest golf club still operating in Australia. When the world's top golfers aren't hitting balls there during th... [More]

5 Tips for Learning Unfamiliar Roads While Travelling

Hiring a rental car from Bayswater gives you the freedom to explore this wide brown land at your own pace. However, with that liberty comes the hassle of navigating unfamiliar roads. Don't let the stress get to you. Follow this advice to breathe a little easier on your Aussie adventure. Research the Local Area The Internet puts a wealth of information at your fingertips. Spend time before your trip researching the areas you'll drive through and their road rules. Sydney's bus lanes can surpris... [More]

Water Warriors: 5 Popular Surf Spots in Australia

Surfing is a truly national sport, with one in ten Aussies adept at riding the waves. Whether you're an experienced board rider or a novice keen to enjoy the rush, these Aussie surf beaches are worth checking out when you cruise around in your Bayswater rental. 1. Angourie to Byron Bay, New South Wales   Surfer wiping out at Byron Bay. Image credit: Sander van Dijk via Flickr. The dreadlocked hippies driving Kombis will let you know that you're near the amazing surf breaks from Angourie... [More]

Great Wide Open: 5 Outdoor Activities to Try in Australia

Australia is one of the most diverse countries on the planet, with landscapes from beaches to ski fields and everything in between. Soak up all it has to offer with these amazing outdoor activities you can reach in your rented car or by plane. 1. SCUBA Dive the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland   Image credit: Wikivoyage via wikimedia The Great Barrier Reef is home to some of the world's most stunning marine life, including brightly coloured coral, thousands of fish species, whales, dolp... [More]

5 Sydney Establishments Where You Can Drink With the Flies and Look at the Sky

There are few things more Australian than enjoying a drink at the end of a long day. Solo travellers don't need to miss out on the fun at these great Sydney pubs.   Ivy Bar. Image credit: Alpha via Flickr 1. Courthouse Hotel, Newton The Courthouse Hotel in Newtown has one of Sydney's most famous beer gardens, a wide open space that's twice as large as the historic pub's interior which is open to people from all walks of life. The traditionalists enjoy Carlton, Reschs, and New on tap, ... [More]

5 Top Places to Grab a Quick Bite in Sydney

Sydney is a favourite destination for any discerning foodie, with plenty of delicious places to grab a bite - from three-hatted restaurants to awesome food trucks. Whatever your budget, you'll find something to tickle your taste buds at these grouse places that you can reach in your rental car. 1. Harry's Café de Wheels: a Sydney Institution   Image credit: Eva Rinaldi via Flickr Since 1938, Harry's Café de Wheels has served meat pies from Cowper Wharf Road, Woolloomoolo... [More]

Weekend Trips From Perth: Touring the Margaret River

Margaret River is located on the western coast of Australia located 277 kilometres south of Perth. The area is well known for being a popular surfing destination and its excellent wine. If you're looking for a fun weekend getaway from Perth, take your rental car down the coast to explore these great Margaret River destinations. Image credit: Robert Young Take a Walk Through History While the area under Margaret River has more than 150 caves, Mammoth Cave is one of the most popular because o... [More]

Fun for the Family: 5 of Australia's Best Attractions for Adults and Kids

Australia offers activities for visitors of all ages, making it easy to satisfy grandpa, little brother, and everyone in between. From fun in the sun to up close and personal glimpses of the wildlife on the continent, Australia is a destination that can appease the entire family. Here are five family friendly adventures to add to your holiday list of things to do. 1. Jervis Bay   Image credit: Kyle Taylor For outdoor enthusiasts, Jervis Bay is the place to stay and play. Its nearby camp... [More]